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The AFS Log Manager is in charge of storing detailed information about user interaction with the search engine:

  • Queries (acp, search, content)
  • Indexing (Synchronous Live PaF executions, PaF executions via PaF Manager, data upload)
  • Click on links (click)

Logging of acp, search and content queries is automatic. Logging of clicks requires an explicit call to the click web service for every user click. This web service receives the target URI and associated serviceId, logs the information and is able to transparently redirect the user to the target URI.

Calls to click should be used for every link relative to the search engine proposed to the user (reply pages, facets, page changes, and so on). They can also be used to track other clicks external to the search engine (for example, promotional links on a merchant site).

The section click details the use of this web service.