Configure Filters - AIF

AIF Live Indexing

Technical Notes

Some filters must be configured especially for live indexing, while others have to be configured as usual.

In both cases, for more information about filters (such as list of available parameters), see Filters parts of the AFS Configuration Guide.

afs_folder_watch filter:

The following parameters must be set for this filter:

  • watch_dir, the directory to watch,
  • suffix, the suffix of the files to consider,
  • timeout, set to 1 second.

afs_search_defrag filter:

The following parameters can be set for this filter:

  • hour, defaults to 0 (midnight). If a PaF starts inside of this hour, databases are defragmented.
  • nb_db_threshold, defaults to 64. Each time databases number reaches nb_db_threshold, databases are defragmented.
  • nb_reply_databases, defaults to 1. It is the number of attended databases after defragmentation.

afs_doc_index, afs_search_build and afs_search_deploy filters:

  • for those filters, no specificities apply for live indexing.