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Organizations are high-level classification entities. Creating an organization is useful to structure search services and users under authority entities. That is why an organization can be created from scratch and from the configuration box of a project as documented in Modifying a Project.

When an organization is created in AFS-BO for the first time, it carries a specific hosting status. By default, every subsequent project is associated to that organization.

In the Administration screen, below the organization selection box, a click on Create another organization account displays the ADD ORGANIZATION dialog box.


In the Organization Name field, the alphanumerical label of the new organization must be specified

In the Linked to project list box, a project must be selected for the new organization. Subsequently, other projects can be attached to the organization, at the project level as described in Modifying a Project.

When a user is recorded in AFS-BO without an organization — it is either a new user or an existing user whose organization has been deleted —, the dialog box suggests to associate the user with the new organization.

A click on Create validates the new organization. The Administration screen is updated with the new organization information.


The organization can be modified as described in Modifying an Organization. It can host additional projects as described in Modifying a Project.

To create an organization

  1. In AFS-BO, click Admin administration in the left upper side.
  2. Below the organization selection box, click Create another organization account to display the ADD ORGANIZATION dialog box.
  3. In Organization Name, specify the name of the new organization.
  4. In Linked to project, select the associated project.
  5. When necessary, associate new organization-free users.
  6. Click Create to validate the new organization.
  7. Back in the Administration screen, check the new organization information table.