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Available views and accesses in AFS-BO depend on users rights, AFS configuration, and installed components. This guide describes all available accesses and screens. For example, a "view details" screen becomes an "edit screen" as soon as users get access rights. In the same way, Analytics are available only for installed front services.

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Back Office Major Applications

The major applications of the AFS Back Office are:

Services Overview


Services Overview is the homepage of the AFS Back Office. It brings together all services available. From Services Overview, users can access all the other applications of the BO for a given service.

See Services Overview chapter for more details.


Datacenter application is designed for Back Office administrator and makes it possible to manage all Services of the datacenter watched by the BO, as well as monitoring all the servers involved in the datacenter hosting Antidot products.

See Datacenter chapter for more details.



Administration application is designed for Back Office administrator and makes it possible to manage users, rights, groups, and much more.

See Administration chapter for more details.

Service Specific Applications

Users can access the following applications by clicking on a service name in the Services Overview page.




The dashboard allows users to consult in one place the status of all the PaFs for the selected service, as well as monitor queries done on the Search, ACP, CKS and Content agents.

See Dashboard chapter for more details.



DataFlow is the AFS-BO application dedicated to PaF execution and monitoring. It allows users to run PaFs and check running PaFs execution of a given service as well as values of previous PaF execution.

See DataFlow chapter for more details.



Analytics is the AFS-BO applications in charge of giving powerful statistical data on all the front services of a given service. Several charts, pie charts and hit parades are available, with useful filtering options.

See Analytics chapter for more details.


ACP is the AFS-BO application that makes possible to manage all the AutoComPlete result of the search service. It also makes it possible to generate ACP results from scratch or from the most frequent expression hit parade.

See ACP chapter for more details.


Promote is the AFS-BO application designed for eCommerce, it is a powerful tool for advertising campaign. It makes it possible to personalize the reply set of specified queries.

See Promote chapter for more details.



Vocabularies is the AFS-BO application that makes it possible to enrich AFS input content thanks to semantic expansion based on specific databases.

A vocabulary is composed of reference structured data enabling search applications to inter-operate. Vocabularies are often terminology sets, like dictionaries, thesauri, synonyms lists.

The AFS Back Office makes it possible to create and manage all the vocabularies for a service instance.

See Vocabularies chapter for more details.


Configuration is the AFS-BO application in charge of viewing and editing Query Engine and Pipes and Filters configuration options.

See Configuration chapter chapter for more details.