Checking Services Performance Charts - ABO

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In the Analytics screen of AFS Back Office, the Charts tab displays a wide and comprehensive view of the performance of a service reply functions, that is who uses it and how it performs.

The Analytics screen is accessible with a click:

  • on the Analytics link for a service in the Dashboard,
  • on the charts preview in the Quick View display for a service in the Dashboard.


To narrow the display, filters are available, as described in Filtering Service Performance Analytics. Other filters specific to the Charts tab are available too, as described in Filtering Charts.

To display the Charts view for a search service

  1. In AFS-BO, click:
    • Analytics from a service quick view in the Dashboard,
    • in the charts preview in a service quick view in the Dashboard, or
  2. Leave the Charts tab selected.
  3. Select display filters.
  4. The analytics charts are automatically updated to display information about:
    • the service statistics,
    • the service workload, and
    • the service speed.
  5. To close the Analytics screen, click the cross button in the Analytics screen tab.