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The Charts tabs in the AFS-BO Analytics screen makes it possible to set a display filter on the selected search service operating performance according to the query type.

Query charts can be filtered according to whom issued the queries

The query type option boxes are available in the upper bar of the display. They restrict the service information for queries issued by:

  • any channel with the All option,
  • users through web browsers with the Users option (default),
  • automated indexing robots with the Bots option,
  • quality tests with the Probes option — accessible to license clients only.

As soon as a query type selection is made, the service information is automatically updated accordingly.

The filter relies on the afs:log parameter in AFS queries. The parameter adds a user-specified tag to a query. This tag is available in the logging system. For more information about afs:log, see AFS Integration Guide.

This query type filter can be associated with any custom querier filter set in a service view. Both filters are complementary. For more information about AFS-BO custom views, see Views Editor Tool.

To select a query type filter for a service Analytics display

  1. In the Charts tab of the Analytics screen, for a selected service, you can change the default All query type filter option. Select:
    • Users to display only queries made on your service by real users,
    • Bots to display only queries made on your service by indexing robots,
    • when you are are an AFS-BO administrator, Probes to display only your test queries.
  2. The tab data is automatically updated according to your option selection.
  3. When necessary, select All to get back to the default display option of all the queries made on your service.