Checking a Promote Campaign Details - ABO

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Promote campaign details screen is accessible with a click on the campaign title in the Promote Campaigns list, or immediately after creating a new campaign.

Once on the details screen, the following information is available:

  • Campaign title
  • Description, only used to categorize the campaign through the Back Office
  • Tags, only used to categorize the campaign through the Back Office
  • Keywords, the list of words from user query that trigger the replies
  • Replies, the matching replies
  • Period, the period of operation of the campaign
  • Language, the language of the campaign
  • View, the view used to see the campaign (see Views Editor Tool for more information about BO views)

All these fields are editable (if the user gets the appropriate rights).

In addition of editing fields, the following actions are available (if the user gets the appropriate rights):

  • Enable/Disable the campaign
  • Delete permanently the campaign (you are prompted to confirm once)
  • Modify, to apply all the modifications. If you quit this screen without saving the modifications, you are prompted to confirm once.
  • Cancel, to close the screen without saving the modifications