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In DataFlow Monitoring, AFS computes Pipes and Filters (PaF) components, and enables real time monitoring of PaF execution as well as data and statistics about the last PaF execution.

The DataFlow screen is accessible with a click:

  • on the DataFlow link for a service in the Dashboard,
  • on the PaF name in the data flow preview of the Quick View display for a service in the Dashboard.

Dataflow screen

DataFlow displays comprehensive information about a service Index Data Flow, making it possible to monitor for each PaF of a given service:

  • The number of OK docs-ok and KO docs-ko documents
  • The performances of the process, including amount of processed data, speed, server load, etc.
  • The details about the Filters involved in the PaF process, as well as pre and post actions of the PaF process