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AFS-BO can be configured for a number of users defined with privilege profiles: read-only users, advanced users, and administrators. Users are associated with a set of specific rights on the Back Office functions giving them access to one or more organizations, projects, services, and service instances.

AFS-BO users may be different from AFS users. For more information about AFS users, see AFS v7.11 Installation and Administration Guide.

The AFS Back Office makes it possible to manage all the AFS-BO users, groups, and their rights swiftly and securely. With the AFS-BO Administration function, administrators can set rights for users and groups on the AFS-BO functions to monitor search services.


The Administration administration screen of AFS Back Office provides the information to associate services entities, users, and the associated rights:

  • Entities include the search service levels: organizations, projects, services, and service instances.
  • Users are managed individually or through profiles (user groups).
  • Rights range from none to read, write, manage, and administer.