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Datacenter application is designed for Back Office administrator to manage all Services and to watch all hosts of the datacenter watched by the BO.

To access the Datacenter application, click the icon.

This application is only accessible to administrators and host company users. For more information, see Managing Administrators.

The Datacenter screen displays a table with the list of hosts watched by the Back Office:

Datacenter display

For each host, the following information is available:

  • An icon displaying the status of the host:
    • Success icon means that the host is properly running,
    • Failure icon means that an error occurred on the host,
    • Stopped icon means that the host is stopped, and
    • Errors icon means that the host has not reported its status for 10 seconds.
  • Server name with icons used to access:
    • Datacenter UM-OK - the UM application,
    • Datacenter analytics-ok - the Analytics application.
  • Host IP address.
  • Version of AFS currently installed on the server.
  • Load on the server (consult Unix-style load calculation (Wikipedia) for more information).
  • Status of the Query manager indicated by an icon.
  • Status of the ACP indicated by an icon, and number of reply services.
  • Status of the CKS server indicated by an icon.
  • Status of the PaF Manager indicated by an icon.
  • Number of PaF, and the status indicated by an icon.
  • Status of the Scheduler indicated by an icon.

Click the name of a host to display the following screen:

Datacenter screen