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The AFS Back Office makes it possible to manage all the vocabularies for a service instance. With the AFS-BO Vocabularies referentials function, users can deal with those critical elements for the AFS Pipes and Filters part of their search solution. In AFS, vocabularies are files modeled in SKOS.

Each time a PaF (Pipe and Filter) process is launched, AFS checks the latest published vocabularies available in AFS-BO. It is then necessary to add the desired vocabularies to the PaF configuration. For more information see Configuration chapter.

The Vocabularies List screen is accessible clicking the Setup > Vocabularies for a service in the Dashboard.

When necessary, filters may be selected to refine the display, as described in Filtering Application Main Screen Information. The Vocabularies List screen is updated accordingly.


The vocabularies list is a table giving an overview on the vocabularies in place for the selected service:



"icon next to the name"

gives the status of the vocabulary (online or draft VocaEditing, meaning the vocabulary will be sent to the PaF or not).


is the label of the vocabulary entered on uploading it.


indicates if the vocabulary type is either Taxonomy or Synonyms.


gives the number of entries in the vocabulary. When AFS-BO fails to detect the number of entries, the Terms value is "unknown".


lists the vocabulary languages.

Last Modification

shows the vocabulary last modification date.

A click on the Vocabulary Name shows the list of terms.