Creating a User - ABO

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In the Administration screen, for a selected organization, a click on the plus plus icon in the User list box displays the ADD A USER dialog box.

This feature only works if the Back Office is configured for internal users.

Users in AFS-BO rely on actual user accounts available in a corporate LDAP directory. An auto complete mechanism is available after filling the first letters of an email address.

When in SaaS, the login parameters are stored in a secured LDAP directory owned by Antidot Support. In license mode, Antidot may provide an LDAP directory. For more information, see Getting Help.

Once the email correctly fielded, a click on the create button creates the user, but without any rights.The rights of the user can be defined as documented in Managing Rights.

The Users list box is updated for the user in the selected organization.


A user can also be a member of one of more groups of users with specific rights on a selection of services. For more information, see Managing User Groups.