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Services in AFS-BO help connect actual AFS services. A detection mechanism is available in AFS-BO to retrieve the status of a service.

A service can be created at the associated project level, as documented in Creating a Project.

In the Administration screen, for a selected organization and a selected project, a click on the plus plus icon in the SERVICES table column displays the ADD SERVICE dialog box.


In Id, the identifying number of the AFS service must be either entered or selected with the selection arrows. The service number selection is definite. That is why the round icon beside must show success green, meaning that the service is actually available in AFS. Otherwise, the icon is failure red to indicate that the service is unknown in AFS.

AFS-BO makes is possible to prepare a link to an unknown service (red icon). When the service is subsequently created in AFS under the exact same id number, the BO can detect it and activate the link to the service (green icon).

The Url field must be defined with the process URL of the AFS service. This helps the BO Hit-Parade application replay a query.

In Description, a custom summary of the service may be entered to help make out the selected service. The description is displayed later on for information, as documented in Modifying a Service.

In Instance, the status of the service must be selected.

AFS v7 manages the lifecycle of a search service out of the box. A search service can operate in the following states:




Production status: rock solid, validated


Release candidate: last milestone before production. Open to a limited amount of testers


Beta version: ready for review and approval by functional staff


Alpha version: ready for integration with technical partners


Sandbox: used by developers to setup and check the search engine


Archive: used to store a previous revision of the index (for instance the previous stable database)

A click on Create validates the service selection. The service is listed in the SERVICES table column.


Creating a service in AFS-BO activates a number of BO applications. The id of a service in AFS-BO is secured. To modify a service id in AFS-BO, it is necessary to delete the BO service and recreate it with its specific parameters.

To create a service

  1. In AFS-BO, click Administration in the Open Module menu.
  2. In the left-hand selection box, select the organization for which you want to create a project.
  3. In the PROJECTS table column header, select a project.
  4. In the SERVICES table column header, click the plusplus icon to display the ADD SERVICE dialog box.
  5. In Id, specify the actual AFS service id number you want the project to be linked with. Enter the ID number or use the selection arrows. Check that the icon is success green for an active AFS service.
  6. In Url, enter the process URL of the AFS service.
  7. In Description, you can type in a quick summary about the service.
  8. In Instance, select the instance of the associated service.
  9. Click Create to validate the new service.
  10. Back in the Administration screen, check the new service information.