Checking A Service PaF Details - ABO

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A detailed display of a selected PaF is available with a click on the Name of the PaF.


This unfolds the following new information, in addition with all information displayed in DataFlow Summary:

  • Documents statistics (number of new, updated, deleted, and failed)
  • When the process is finished, the figure below the docs-ok-big icon is the total number of processed documents
  • Filters details, see Filter Details for more information
  • For license client only, the server name and the version of AFS
  • Highly configurable event messages list


All those information are either concerning last execution if PaF is not running, or real time information while PaF is in progress.

It is possible to maximize the Filters Details Area width thanks to the +/- icon. This will result in reducing the width of the Event Message List.