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The Update Manager keeps a history of index bases for any given service.

By default, the Update Manager history value is 2, meaning that up to two index bases are kept at any given time (N and N-1).


  1. The UM history has been set to 2.
  2. An INCR index base N, containing 20 files, is present on the server hosting the indexer environment.
  3. A new FULL indexation generates a 100Go index base N+1.
  4. The INCR base N is kept and can still be viewed.
  5. Another FULL indexation is launched, and generates this time a 10Go index base N+2.
  6. The 20 files of the INCR index base N are now deleted and only the N+1 and N+2 bases can be viewed.

For more information about the Update Manager history, consult afs_um_history.