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From the ACP screen, a click on the Title of an ACP button shows the following screen.

The following actions are allowed:

  • Edit the name,
  • Edit the description,
  • Edit the Tags,
  • Update the ACP expression list thanks to a downloaded file,
  • Choose the Moderation behavior:
    • Auto Validate (The final ACP contains both forced valid terms and new unflagged terms)
    • Auto Reject (The final ACP contains only forced valid terms)
  • Download the ACP list in an AFS compatible format ,
  • Modify (for a static source ACP) or Moderate (for a dynamic source ACP) the list,
  • Remove the ACP.
  • Publish the ACP thanks to the publish button makes it possible to change the ACP status from draft VocaEditing to online . This results in sending the ACP file to the reply server, and the new ACP expressions are taken into account on the fly by AFS.