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Configuration application of the AFS Back Office is in charge of viewing and editing Query Engine and PaF configuration options.

The Configuration screen is accessible with a click on the Configuration link for a service in the Dashboard.

The Configuration screen lists all the available configuration for the service:

  • The Front configuration, to configure the Query Engine,
  • The several PaF configuration.

A click on the title of the configuration shows all the configuration element.

A mouse roll over the line of the configuration allows to click parameters. The following screen is unfolded:


  • The following information are available:
    • Change log of the configuration.
    • Who did the last modification, and when.
    • The state of the configuration (Published or Editing).
  • The following actions are possible:
    • Browse element, to start modifying the configuration (if in editing state).
    • Cancel the last publication and roll back to previous online version.
    • Modify or Publish to switch between Editing and Published states.