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In the Analytics metrics screen of AFS Back Office, the Hit Parade tab displays accurate lists of the most significant achievements of a query service, that is how it is actually used.

AFS-BO Hit Parade is a powerful data mining tool used for computing the most popular expressions from users queries. Rankings can be built for any period of time. In a similar way, it is possible to find the most popular documents by analyzing clicks.

The Hit-Parade display is available in the AFS-BO Analytics screen which is accessible with a click:

  • on the Analytics link for a service in the Dashboard,
  • on the charts preview in the the Quick view display for a service in the Dashboard, or.


Custom views help create thematic categories which can be used to build profile-specific rankings. It is also possible to obtain the most popular keywords or documents for specific sections of the Website. For more information, see Views Editor Tool.

To narrow the display, filters are available, as described in Filtering Hit-Parade Analytics.

To display the Hit Parade screen for a search service

  1. In AFS-BO, click:
    • Analytics from a service quick view in the Dashboard,
    • in the charts preview in a service quick view in the Dashboard, or
    • Analytics in the Open Module menu.
  2. Click the Hit Parade tab.
  3. Select or change the service filter option in the Service list box.
  4. Select or change the other display filters.
  5. The Hit Parade tables are updated, making it possible for you to get accurate information about:
    • most frequent expressions,
    • most clicked documents.