Deleting a Service - ABO

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Deleting a service in AFS-BO breaks the links between the service in AFS-BO and the actual service in AFS.

In the Administration screen, for a selected organization and a selected project, the table displays the list of the associated services. When a service is selected, the Modify the Service command displays the MODIFY SERVICE dialog box. The Delete command must be chosen to delete the service.


A click in the confirmation box definitely deletes the service in AFS-BO. The table in the Administration screen is updated at the projects, services, and instances levels.

To delete a service

  1. In AFS-BO, click Admin administration in the left upper side.
  2. In the left-hand selection box, choose an organization.
  3. In the PROJECTS table column, select a project.
  4. In the SERVICES table column, select a service.
  5. Choose Modify the Service to display the MODIFY SERVICE dialog box.
  6. Click Delete.
  7. In the confirmation box, click OK.
  8. Check that the table in the Administration screen is updated.