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Views enable users to customize the data processed and displayed by AFS-BO. They are used by several applications inside the Back Office. The following description uses the Analytics application to explain the behavior of the Views.

When configured for a statistical report in AFS-BO, it delineates the scope of the query logs recorded for a search service. With a view, an AFS-BO user can display accurate specific analytics per data type, keyword, etc. Specializing the performance analytics of the AFS Query Engine relies on one or more specific keywords, AFS filters in place, AFS-QE logs, or other custom parameters.

Views can be created and configured from the Setup menu of each service.

When no views were created, the following screen is displayed:

Views screen when no view exists

Once views were created, the list of the existing views and their associated parameters is displayed.

In Views, views are listed with their parameters

Once a view is created, it can be selected in the Filter by View list box on the left-hand side of the screen.

filter by view

As for Analytics, selecting a view in the drop-down menu automatically refreshes the Analytics tabs to match the selected view filter. The view parameters are displayed under the Filter by View selection box.

In Analytics, the details of the selected view are displayed

To select a view filter for a service Analytics display

  1. In the Analytics screen, for a service, you can select a view in the Filter by View list box to restrict the display on data complying with the selected view.

    The information relative to the selected view is displayed in the pane below the list box.

  2. Your view selection automatically updates the Analytics screen accordingly.
  3. When necessary, select All Queries to get back to the default general statistics display for the service.