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In the Hit Parade display of a selected service in the selected time period, the 200 most frequent expressions table shows the popular keywords entered by users in the service field:

  • The first column is the ranking of the expressions frequency in decreasing order.
  • The Expression column lists the words entered by users to make their queries.
  • The Hits column gives the number of times when users entered the expressions.

The table can be browsed with the bottom buttons.


A click on the small pie on the top-right of the table gives more statistic information about the part of the most frequent expressions against all the expressions for the selected period.

The table lists the exact queries used. They are case compliant.

To display a service most frequent expressions

  1. Connect AFS-BO and click:
    • Analytics from a service quick view in the Dashboard,
    • in the charts preview in a service quick view in the Dashboard, or
    • Analytics in the Open Module menu.
  2. Select the Hit Parade tab.
  3. Select or change the time range filter option.
  4. Select or change the service view filter in the Filter by View list box.
  5. For your selection, check the entries listed in the 50 most frequent expressions table. The Hits column gives you further information about an expression popularity.