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Classification reports are used to analyze results of the classifier training depending on manually input tags and the resulting F1 score.

Classification reports can be:

To access the Classification reports history

  1. Access the Dataflow application.
  2. Click REPORT on the appropriate PaF filter.

    Clssif report

The appropriate filter "afs_doc_classify" must have been added to the PaF.

The Classification reports history is presented as in the following example:

Classification Home screen


  • The above graph displays the evolution of all available Classification reports.

    Hovering the dot corresponding to a report will display the following information:

    • Run #
    • Date
    • Quality percentage
  • The below table displays the list of all available Classification reports with the following information:
    • Run # - number of the run
    • Date - date of the run
    • Quality (F1) - accuracy level of the training result
    • Documents - number of documents in the input archive
    • Actions - available actions to be performed on the report