Checking the List of Promote for a Service - ABO

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In Promote display of a given service, all the campaigns are presented in a table.

The following information are available:

  • The title column gives the title of the Promote campaign, and its status thanks to an icon.
  • The period column gives the active period of the campaign.
  • The keyword column gives the list of the keywords marching the Promote campaign.
  • The last update column gives the date of the last update.

The following status are available:

  • is the running active status, meaning the campaign is enabled and for the current period.
  • is the running inactive status, meaning the campaign is disabled.
  • is the done status, meaning the period of the campaign is past.

It is possible to create a new campaign thank to the Create a campaign button.

The following dialog box appears.

Once all the information (modifiable afterward, only the title is mandatory) are filled, a click on validate creates the campaign. As a result, the details screen of this campaign opens.