Checking a Service Operating Summary - ABO

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In the Analytics display of a selected service, the upper right area of the screen shows aggregated operating information:

  • The Queries this month figure stands for all the queries handled by the search engine on the latest month range. The figure is updated on a daily basis and only gives search queries, not content nor acp ones.
  • The Queries last month figure is used to compare the Query Engine monthly workload on the last two month span.
  • The number of documents corresponds to the size of the documentary base, as a result to the PaF process, which the Query Engine can scan.


This information gives an overall view on the search engine workload. It is also provided for billing reasons, when in SaaS.

To display a reply service operating summary

  1. Connect AFS-BO and click:
    • Analytics command from a service in the Dashboard,
    • in the charts preview in a service quick view in the Dashboard.
  2. For the selected service, in the upper right area, check the number of:
    • queries processed by the Query Engine in the last month,
    • queries processed by the Query Engine the month before,
    • documents made available by the service PaFs for the Query Engine to scan.
  3. To close the Analytics screen, click the cross button in the Dashboard screen tab.