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The Update Manager (UM) is an Administration Center (AC) module used to deploy the PaF databases on the server(s) hosting the front-end environment. The main function of the UM is to centralize and unify all data generated from a PaF or from the Back Office.

The UM receives the index from the server(s) hosting the indexer environment (PaF) and stores it in a database. The database is then PUSHed to each server hosting the front environment (reply).

When there are several reply servers, all of them must receive the new index database before performing a db synchronization in order to switch from the older db to the new one.

The UM module screen is displayed as follows:

Datacenter - UM module

Click "See more details" to display the following screen:

Datacenter - UM module details

The left panel of this screen displays information about:

  • Receiving Files: lists the data sets received by the Update Manager from the PaF.
  • Sending Files: lists the data sets dispatched by the Update Manager and sent to the server(s) hosting the reply environment.
  • Pending Events: lists the receiving/sending events still waiting to be processed.
  • Retry Events: lists the events whose run could not be finished and that should be retried.
  • Push Manager: manages the push (deployment) of index database to the server(s) hosting the reply environments.

The right panel of this screen displays information, warning, error, and fatal error messages.