Generate ACP From Hit Parade - ABO

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AFS Back Office ACP application offer the possibility to generate an ACP file from the hit parade of the most frequent expressions.

Only expressions giving replies are used. See Checking a Service Most Frequent Expressions for more information.

The ACP is generated every day. It is calculated with up to 10,000 expressions, using a smoothing formula in order to handle many variations in the Hit Parade.

If the ACP is published, the publishing to the reply servers is automatic after each generation. If the ACP is not published, the generation is made but the ACP is not published to the reply servers.

Fill at least the name field and choose Queries Hit Parade from the drop-down list. Select the desired source with the second source drop-down list.

It is possible to filter the expression with a view, see Views Editor Tool for more information.

Then click on the Create button to create the ACP.

See Moderate ACP List for more information about browsing the expressions list and the status options.