Modifying a Project - ABO

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Modifying a project in AFS-BO makes it possible to change:

  • its label,
  • the organizations it is linked with.

In the Administration screen, for a selected organization, the table displays the list of the associated projects. When a project is selected, the Modify the Project command displays the MODIFY PROJECT dialog box.


In Project, the name of the project can be modified.

In Organizations:

  • An associated organization can be removed with a click on the closeTab cross icon.
  • A click on Add makes it possible to associated another organization.


The organizations available are listed. Checking an organization box associates it with the project.

When the project must be associated with an organization other that the ones listed, a new organization can be created. In Organization name, the name of the new organization must be specified. A click on Create displays the new organization in the list above, making it available for a selection. Further configuration of the new organization is probably necessary as described in Managing Organizations.

Clicking Attach validates the organization(s) selection.

Back in MODIFY PROJECT, a click on Update validates the project changes. The Administration screen is updated with the project information.

Modifying a service and service instance associated to a project can be performed at the service level. For more information, see Creating a Service.

To modify a project

  1. In AFS-BO, click Admin administration in the left upper side.
  2. In the left-hand selection box, select the organization for which you want to modify a project.
  3. In the table, select a project. Choose the Modify the Project command to display the MODIFY PROJECT dialog box.
  4. In Project, you can change the name of the project.
  5. In Organizations:
    • To remove an organization association, click the closeTab cross icon beside.
    • To add an organization, click Add to display the ADD A NEW PROJECT / ATTACH ORGANIZATION(S) dialog box.
  6. Check the boxes of the organizations to want the project to be applicable. When necessary, create a new organization. Click Attach.
  7. Back in the MODIFY PROJECT dialog box, click Update to validate the project changes.
  8. Back in the Administration screen, check the project information.