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A concept is identified by an URI. It has different kinds of labels:



Pref Labels

represent the main labels of a concept. Only one Pref Label is allowed for each language of a concept.

Alt Labels

can be assimilated as synonyms or near-synonyms (abbreviations and acronyms). A concept can have several Alt Labels in the same language.

Hidden Labels

are used when you would like that characters string to be accessible to AFS-PaF, but would not like that label to be visible otherwise.
For instance Hidden labels may be used to include misspelled variants of other lexical labels.
In fact, AFS-PaF processes the same way Alt Labels and Hidden Labels.


are useful to store data regarding the concept, but are not used by AFS.

Concepts can be related to each other through hierarchical relationships: narrower and broader.

Narrower is the child, broader is the parent. A given concept is a kind of its broader. A narrower of a given concept is a specialization of this concept.

Hereafter you can find a very simple vocabulary example, for understanding purposes. This vocabulary is composed of several concepts, related to each other. Concepts are shown only by their Pref Label and in English:

|-- Car
| |-- SUV
| | `-- X-Trail
| `-- Sport Car
|-- Coach
|-- Truck
`-- Aircraft
|-- Airplane
| `-- A380
`-- Helicopter
`-- Alouette

In this example, SUV is a narrower of (a kind of) car. Aircraft is the broader of helicopter.

More details about the concept Truck: Pref Label is Truck. One Alt Label can be Lorry. One Hidden Label can be Van. One definition can be Heavy vehicle.

Pref Labels

English: Truck

French: Camion

Alt Labels

English: Lorry

French: Semi-remorque

Hidden Labels

English: Van

French: Camionette


English: Heavy vehicle

French: VĂ©hicule lourd