Create a New ACP - ABO

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From the ACP screen, a click on Create a new ACP button shows the following screen:

Filename field is mandatory. The ACP appears with this name on the reply server. It must be name:acp.xml or acp.xml and must not contain any special character.

Name field is mandatory.

Optional Descriptions and Tags fields are optional and only used in the BO, for filtering.

Source drop-down list makes it possible to choice the way of creating the ACP.

  • From a static source :
    • Imported File, generated during a PaF process for example,
    • Begin with an Empty List and fill all the wanted expression manually,
    • Use an Existing List, duplicating it.
  • Or form a dynamic source :
    • Use Queries Hit Parade for automatically generated ACP from the hit parade of the most frequent expressions.

Moderation switch allows to choose between auto-reject and auto-validate modes.

  • In auto-reject mode, the final ACP contains only forced valid terms.
  • In auto-validate mode, The final ACP contains both forced valid terms and new unflagged terms.