Logging Into AFS-BO - ABO

Back Office User Guide

Reference Guide

The Welcome to AFS Back Office login screen prompts the user to identify.


When in SaaS, the login parameters are stored in a secured LDAP directory owned by Antidot.

The login screen is composed of the following components:

  • Login is the field where the login identifier must be entered.
  • Password requires the password for the login identifier. By default, the password characters are hidden.
  • Show password can be checked to display the password in clear characters.
  • Keep my session active can be checked to skip the login step when connecting to AFS-BO — according to the browser options.

A click on OK validates the user parameters.

When valid, the AFS Back Office interface is displayed. Otherwise an error message appears in the login screen.

In license mode:

To access the Back Office as root user with full privileges, by default:

  • login: antidot
  • password: change_on_install

It is strongly recommended to set a new root password to access the Back Office as root user. Refer to Change Back Office Password.

Keep the Back Office root user's login and password at hand, as they are used multiple times during the Fluid Topics installation procedure.

To log in into the SaaS AFS Back Office

  1. Start a web browser and enter the following URL: https://bo.afs-antidot.net/en/ for english version or https://bo.afs-antidot.net/fr/ for french version.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. When you want to verify your password, check Show password.
  4. When you want to reconnect to AFS-BO without logging in again, check Keep my session active.

Click OK.