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In the Analytics screen of AFS Back Office, the Queries tab displays lists of users queries that may require some attention:

  • Last queries
  • Most frequent queries
  • Slowest queries
  • Queries with no reply
  • Queries with error

For all this queries, a click on the query expression makes it possible to launch it in a browser.

Clicking the query expression will launch the query with parameter afs:log=afs:probe, and this will result in not taking into account this query in Back Office statistics.

SaaS clients of an AFS Datacenter should request permission to use probes from their AFS service provider. SaaS clients of Antidot Datacenter are not allowed to use these tags (unless otherwise explicitly stated by Antidot-Antidot uses probes internally for its QA process). Unauthorized use of afs:log=afs:probe can lead to penalties and/or reclassification of queries from the AFS service provider.

The Queries tab is available in the Analytics screen which is accessible with a click:

  • on the Analytics link for a service in the Dashboard,
  • on the charts preview in the the Quick View display for a service in the Dashboard


To narrow the display, filters are available, as described in Filtering Service Performance Analytics. Other filters specific to the Queries tab are available too, as described in Filtering Queries

To display the Charts view for a search service

  1. In AFS-BO, click:
    • Analytics from a service quick view in the Dashboard,
    • in the charts preview in a service quick view in the Dashboard
  2. Choose the Queries tab.
  3. Select or change the service filter option in the Service list box.
  4. Select or change the other display filters.
  5. The tab is automatically updated to display information about:
    • Last queries
    • Most frequent queries
    • Slow queries
    • Queries with no reply
    • Queries with error
  6. To close the Analytics screen, click the cross button in the Analytics screen tab.