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In the Vocabularies screen for a selected service, the IMPORT button opens the IMPORT dialog box.


The dialog box includes the following fields:




defines if the vocabulary to import is of Taxonomy kind or of Synonyms kind.


permits to select the context in which to use the selected vocabulary. Indexing use (Semantic Enrichment or Stemming) or Classification.

The Indexing use option means that the vocabulary will be used during the indexing phase (afs_doc_index) for enrichment.

The Classification option means that the vocabulary will be used by Classifier in order to categorize.
For more information on the Classifier product, see Antidot official website.
For more information on the Classifier use, see afs_doc_classify.


defines the label for the vocabulary. Name information is mandatory.


is useful to enter the definition of the vocabulary. This information is available later on in the information panel for the vocabulary.


permits to enter keywords identifying the vocabulary. Tags are validated pressing the Enter key and clicking SAVE. Tags are displayed in the Vocabularies screen table to make out vocabularies quickly.


permits to choose the file to import. Files must be in SKOS/XML or CSV format.

Do not use the "+" symbol in the name of the vocabulary. This can cause issues when accessing the vocabulary from the Back Office.

The IMPORT button validates the vocabulary uploading. A click on CANCEL closes the dialog box without importing the vocabulary.
The IMPORT dialog box is closed.

AFS-BO detects the number of terms and the languages of the vocabulary when available and accessible, as shown in Updating a Vocabulary. The uploaded vocabulary is listed in the Vocabularies List screen.