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The FTML processing pipe displays the following error message(s):

  • Exiting connector Ftml with errors
  • ftml.connector.FtmlBundleError: Invalid bundle. Found 0 ftmap(s) and 0 ftctf.

Impact(s) on users

  • This issue prevents end-users from having up-to-date documentation.

Possible root cause(s)

This issue might occur when:

Root cause 1 - There is no file in the archive with the .ftmap extension

  • Check that the extension of FTML maps is .ftmap.

Root cause 2 - The FTMAP is not XSD valid

  • Validate the FTMAP according to the XSD.

Root cause 3 - The FTMAP references a topic that is not provided in the archive

  • Check that the topic href links are valid and reference a topic present in the archive. Common mistakes are due to case sensitivity, special characters and relative paths.

Root cause 4 - An ft:node with no href attribute is missing either the ft:originID or the ft:title attribute

  • Check that both the ft:title AND ft:originID attributes are present if the href attribute is missing from the ft:node.