Register a Service - ABO

Install the Back Office and the Update Manager

Technical Notes

To add service 42, status stable, Foo feed, it is necessary to create the arborescence: /usr/local/afs7/reply/42/stable/agents/Foo/db

afs_service_install binary is dedicated to this task.

antidot-tools package is necessary to get this binary.
Prior to using this binary, the following is necessary:
- The Update Manager must be started: /etc/init.d/afs_updatemanager start.
- The AFS7 environment variable must be unset: unset AFS7.

Use the following command to create the desired arborescence on the desired server:

afs_service_install -t SEARCH -s 42 -S stable -f Foo

Information given in parameters of this command must be exactly the same as in the PaF configuration file:

<afs:PaF xmlns:afs="" service="42" name="Foo" status="stable">