Create the Antidot License Key - AFS

Install AFS on a Single Server

Technical Notes

To download the list of Antidot packages, perform the following steps:

  1. Run the following commands:

    As root user

    apt-get update

  2. Generate the information required to install the packages by running the following command:

    As root user

    apt-get install antidot-contrib
    apt-get install antidot-check

Installing these packages is required for Antidot solution to run properly. If an error occurs during installation, inform immediately your Antidot contact.

The following file is generated:


Send the generated file to your Antidot contact in order to finalize the creation of the license.

It is possible to continue the installations described in the following sections in parallel: the packages update will nevertheless be blocked later if the server information is not transmitted to finalize the creation of the license.