Supported Operating Systems - AFS

Install AFS on a Single Server

Technical Notes

Antidot products are highly optimized to make the best of the processor, kernel, and system they are running on in order to operate efficiently the users services.

Antidot products are provided for Debian Linux distributions and for Intel 64-bit processors:

Debian is a 100 % free distribution system. It offers the best stability on the market as Debian distributions are updated only for security purpose. Antidot products are available for the Squeeze version of Debian. The Antidot datacenter hosting the SaaS cluster of Antidot products runs on Debian Jessie last update.

Antidot products are available for Intel 64-bit processors.

Antidot products only work on a system using a UTF-8 locale.

The present guide is dedicated to the following Operating System:
Debian Jessie (version from 8.0 to 8.11) 64 bits.

To consult the version of Debian currently installed on the server, run the following command:

cat /etc/debian_version

To check the computer architecture, run the following command:


It must return: "x86_64".

Antidot cannot be held responsible for any security issue caused by setting file permissions differently than described in this documentation.