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Technical Notes

The "Found N top map(s)" report gives information about the number of top maps that have been found within the uploaded archive.

The report is displayed as follows:

{title of the document 1}/{name of the xml file 1}.xml
   {title of the document 2}/{name of the xml file 2}.xml
   {title of the document n}/{name of the xml file n}.xml

See the following example:

Rincewind2000 (MAP)/GUID-AA963647-1AC0-4757-8048-970EAF0F5945.xml
Weatherwax Andotches (MANUAL)/GUID-EBBD7026-1BD9-403B-9730-ABDEC3CF2D39.xml
Hitchikide 2 Gaxy (USER MANUAL)/GUID-C11F8D32-2C6D-4B15-891F-CB27A5563F98.xml
Monstrum, or a Portrayal of Witchers. Volume 1 (USER MANUAL)/GUID-CA6A7214-536D-4BD2-A0C2-63589DA500A2.xml
Thelies Loclamora v2.1 (MANUAL)/GUID-629C550C-EBE4-46FA-BD27-CE3B1D42E8BB.xml
Windname (MANUAL)/GUID-D0371234-8507-473B-BF95-356765675FDD.xml