Introduction to Fluid Topics Web Services - Fluid Topics - 3.8

Integrate Fluid Topics API

Fluid Topics
Technical Notes

Fluid Topics data are accessible through a secure REST API exposed by the application server, which acts as a gateway to different sets: Knowledge Hub, Personal Information, User-Generated Content, and so on.

Web integrators access these data through different APIs (search, content access, download, and so on) so that they can read it, dump it, or use it in other applications.

Attention: Only public web services must be used for your portal. Public web services are the ones listed in this document. Antidot cannot be held responsible for private web service changes which could cause damage to your portal.

As an example, you can provide Fluid Topics as a part of a unified information system.

Web services can be used to gather information from different tools into a single tool

Another example would be if you want to get metrics from your Fluid Topics portal, like the number of maps you have, and so on.