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Technical Notes

The Get a Map ToC web service can be used to display a document ToC in a portal.

To retrieve a map ToC, use the Get a Map ToC web service:

/$MAP_ID is given when calling the /maps route.

The JSON output returns the list of the topics contained in the map, as does the /api/khub/maps/$MAP_ID/topics web service. The difference is that the Get a Map ToC web service returns the topic hierarchy within the given map.

For instance, for the "Time Machine User Guide" map, the topics are hierarchized as follows:

Time Machine User Guide
  |_ Introduction to Time Machines
  |_ How to Time Travel
    |_ Set Local Date and Time
    |_ Set Destination Date and Time
    |_ Set a Destination Location

The Get a Map ToC web service returns the following information:

        "tocId": "O9UowuYCBjsp~FGKTUFx5w",
        "contentId": "huzBwbbBW3WzTGHwshZIHg",
        "title": "Introduction to Time Machines",
        "children": []
        "tocId": "cwM7YaPiO14KSK2ijkpHBg",
        "contentId": "tCXkAmF0SVEScehmnX5TiQ",
        "title": "How to Time Travel",
        "children": [
                "tocId": "Ras6kFhn0~2wpgeDUws7uQ",
                "contentId": "PC10RJwTtnxkpIm9hbkRdA",
                "title": "Set Local Date and Time",
                "children": []
                "tocId": "QZUh1xB~yrDANJ2e~ti9pg",
                "contentId": "hDs56CtGixP~R1hf~1tB_g",
                "title": "Set Destination Date and Time",
                "children": []
                "tocId": "mYhIZEwLYgllseZJxu2yxA",
                "contentId": "ZYYuXA2e~06xnuQoChsvBA",
                "title": "Set a Destination Location",
                "children": []

For instance, the following screenshot shows the "Time Machine User Guide" document ToC displayed on a Fluid Topics portal.

A ToC is displayed on the left side on an opened document