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SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

In SaaS mode, Antidot licenses AFS as a dedicated, full-featured search service through a subscription model. Antidot installs and customizes the solution and provides support. Data is stored on remote equipment that is owned, secured and managed by Antidot.

A Back Office allows users to monitor the solution.

Roles and responsibilities are shared as follows to leverage the cost of service and maintenance:

SaaS Users


Provide a corpus.

Install and configure AFS and the Back Office.

Use a URL to access the Query Engine.

Deploy a custom indexing service.

Use a URL to access the Back Office.

Deploy custom query services.

Use the Back Office to monitor the solution.

Provide all hardware devices required to run operations.

Use the Back Office to configure certain aspects of the solution.

Secure data in a physical datacenter.

Guarantee reply times.

Monitor service quality.

Provide support and maintenance.

In SaaS mode, AFS users can benefit from:

  • Quick access to AFS functions.
  • A tailor-made and scalable search solution.
  • Outsourced physical resources.
  • Outsourced software and hardware maintenance.
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for each search service through the Back Office interface.

For more information about Antidot's responsibilities in SaaS mode, see your Antidot SaaS Contract.