Products Fields Mapping - AFS@Store

AFS@Store for Magento

Technical Notes

These settings are related to the product file generation, used for AFS@Store indexing. Use this form to customize your data mapping. For any field, you can select a Magento attribute matching its datatype.

When you have finished, you need to save the configuration and to push data to see any change on Magento front-end or in Configuration of Search engine or Autocomplete. A few minutes may be necessary to reprocess the catalog file (this can be monitored in Antidot Back Office).

Attention: These settings will directly affect search engine and autocomplete. Do modify them only if you know well the data.
Tip: You can add/remove custom descriptions.

Moreover, there exist important searchandizing flags (is new, is top sale, is featured) which you are advised to configure against existing boolean fields in your Magento. By configuring these flags, AFS@Store will leverage them for products scoring as well as set them available as sort orders in Search Engine.

Material, Color, Model, Size, and Gender are all facets.

However, if you need custom ones, such as features on specific product families, you can add them as additional facets. Moreover, they can also be enabled as autocomplete suggestions.

Identifiers are the right location to put custom product codes (supplier, retailer IDs, etc.)