Automate Data Upload - AFS@Store

AFS@Store for Magento

Technical Notes

Once you are satisfied with your configuration, you still need to automate data uploads before going live. This scheduling is configured as a crontab within app/code/community/MDN/Antidot/etc/config.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
                    <cron_expr>00 2 * * *</cron_expr>
                    <cron_expr>45 7-20 * * *</cron_expr>
                    <cron_expr>00 21 * * *</cron_expr>

You can see here default values for full (one per night) and incremental catalog exports (every 45 minutes during daytime) as well as full export for Categories feed. Of course you can customize these settings to meet your business or technical requirements.

Please make sure that a cronjob is correctly launched with each task. More information can be found on Magento wiki.