Data Upload Report - AFS@Store

AFS@Store for Magento

Technical Notes

This section displays data upload logs: from here, you can track the 10 last uploads to the AFS@Store indexing service.

For each entry, report displays:

Date When the data have been uploaded
Reference Upload the reference token
Type Type of upload (FULL or INCREMENTAL)

Using scheduled jobs, AFS@Store for Magento uploads your products and categories to the indexing service.

To prevent any server load on both side, the extension performs two kinds of indexing:

  • FULL: full indexing sends all product or category information. This update is performed every night.
  • INCREMENTAL: incremental indexing uploads only products and category that changed after the last full/incremental update. This kind of update is performed every two hours.
Element Type of data that have been uploaded (CATALOG or CATEGORIES)
Types Number of items in the stream
Status Status of the file upload (FAILED or SUCCESS). Note that indexing status can be checked directly from within Antidot Back Office.
Msg Detailed error message if any