Upgrade Magento 1 Extension - AFS@Store

AFS@Store for Magento

Technical Notes

About this task

To upgrade Magento 1, update the module files with those contained in the downloaded ZIP archive.


  1. Copy all the files contained in the Module Extension 1 ZIP archive on your server.
  2. Run the following command to update your current module's files with the new extension module's files:
    sudo cp -r <new_module_directory>/* <current_module_directory>
  3. Make sure the module's version number is correct by running the following command:
    cat <current_module_directory>/app/code/community/MDN/Antidot/etc/config.xml
    The following lines show an example of a config.xml excerpt when migrating to version 1.2.5:
  4. Run the following command to check the access rights:
    ls -l
  5. If access rights are not the expected ones, run the following command to reset the original access rights:
    sudo chown -R <access-right-to-reset>: <current_module_directory>/*
    Note: If access right modification is not taken into account, relaunch Apache by using the following command:
    sudo service <apache> restart


Magento 1 is now updated.