Load-balancing - AFS

Antidot Product Architecture

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The AFS modules composing the Front-end (agents) can be accommodated on different servers. No specific load-balancer is necessary because the solution natively and dynamically handles the load dispatch between servers.

However, to prevent any architecture flaw, it is also required to run several web front-ends to receive queries. AFS handles it natively. To regulate the data flow dynamically from clients (for example, websites) on the web front-ends, it is recommended to use the hardware load-balancers.


Antidot operates the AFS solution in SaaS mode on behalf of many customers like large media or eCommerce sites. This represents several hundreds of servers and more than a billion queries every year.

Because Antidot is the first user and operator of the AFS solution, stability and availability are at the heart of the corporate mission. Quality and performance are guaranteed.