Remove all Metadata from an FTML Map - Fluid Topics - 3.4

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Technical Notes

You may want to remove the metadata previously associated to an FTML publication.

Attention: Metadata removal is irreversible.

The following lines show how to remove metadata using the @metaAction attribute in the ft:khubItem element and an empty ft:metas element:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ft:controlFile xmlns:ft="">
    <ft:khubItem type="map" ft:originID="map_id" metaAction="replace">

As the metaAction attribute is set to replace with no new metadata defined in ft:metas, all the previous metadata are deleted.

Note: Semantic metadata, beginning with "ft:" prefix, can be modified but cannot be removed.


        <ft:meta key="ft:author">John Doe</ft:meta>
        <ft:meta key="product" type="stringTree">Antidot|Fluid Topics</ft:meta>

If ft:metas is empty with the metaAction set to replace, product information will be deleted but ft:author will be kept.

Note: If the ft:metas element is not present, no action is performed on the document's metadata.
Note: There is no need to reupload the content to modify the metadata of a piece of documentation.