Search in Document Sort Order - Fluid Topics

Fluid Topics

Use Case

Fluid Topic displays highly relevant search results when a user searches for a document in the portal.

Many Fluid Topics users also search within a document itself, especially when browsing through a long document. In this case, results are sorted according to the order of the Table of Contents. This means that topics located at the beginning of the Table Of Contents are displayed first, even if they seem less relevant than other topics.

For instance, when searching for the term "user database," a chapter named "Introduction" may appear before one named "User database" if the first contains the words "database" and "user."

Some of our customers prefer to sort these results by relevance, like when searching for a term on the Homepage or Search page. This is why it is now possible to decide how to sort "Search in Document" results depending on the needs of your end users and the type of documents you publish to Fluid Topics.

SaaS User

If you use Fluid Topics in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, you cannot customize the sort order on your end. You have to create a Fluid Topics help desk ticket to ask us to modify the sort order in the Back Office.

On Prem user

As an "on prem" user, it is necessary to make modifications directly in the AFS Back Office. Feel free to read the documentation for more details.

  • Log in to the Back Office (BO) as an administrator.
  • Select the service to modify and verify the status of the service.
  • Go to Setup > Configuration. In the Front configuration section, select "Front."
  • Access the Search > QEng > SearchFrontEnd > QueryParsing > RewriteArg zone. Depending on the BO configuration, it may be necessary to activate the "Show all" toggle on the right, then type rewrite in the "Filter" text box on the left to access this zone.
  • Select "Edit" and "Add":
    • Copy "afs:sort@FluidTopics=ft:tocPosition,ASC" (without the quotation marks) in the "Key" zone
    • Copy "afs:sort@FluidTopics=relevance,DESC" (without the quotation marks) in the "Value" zone
    • Select the "Save" button
    • Select the "I'm done with modifying" button on the right
  • Select the "Publish" button.
Reload the Fluid Topics portal. The modification is applied, and the "Search in document" search results are sorted by relevance, exactly as they are elsewhere in the portal.