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Pipes and Filters (AFS-PaF) are in charge of harvesting, conditioning, and processing information. This data modeling, shaping, converting, and standardizing part of the job is crucial to operate the search solution at its best, all the more in multiple source environments. Documents are processed through filters located along chains of processing elements called pipes.


An extensive set of filters, covering everyday needs (connectors to external systems, archive processing, XML validation and modification, and so on) are bundled with PaF. PaF also includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) allowing the reuse and design of project-specific filters.

PaF is both:

  • a unified data gate (push and pull), and
  • a workflow for data transformation.

For a given project, one or several pipes can be set up to process data. A pipe is a chain of processing elements (filters) arranged so that the output of each element is the input of the next according to the pipes and filters design pattern.

For more information, see the Antidot Product Architecture guide.