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Binaries involved in Reply process are divided in two categories:


  • afs_search is in charge of the search. The search is the web front end and is provided as an executable and a configuration component for lighttpd. The binary is delivered in antidot-afs-search package.
  • afs_querymanager communicates with afs_search and builds the answer to the query. It is delivered in antidot-afs-querymanager packages.
  • afs_logmanager depends on the query manager to create the log database used by the Antidot Back Office module. It is delivered in antidot-logmanager packages.
  • afs_acp communicates with the search to propose autocompletion of the query. It is delivered in antidot-afs-acp package.

The afs_querymanager, afs_logmanager, and afs_acp packages run on the server as Unix Daemon.

CGI & FastCGI:

  • findall
  • click
  • search
  • content
  • acp

The user used to launch web fronted (such as www-data for lighttpd) must have read rights for /usr/local/afs7/reply directory, including subdirectories. This is because configuration files can be found at any level of the directory hierarchy.