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The daemon scripts are located in /lib/systemd/system/:

├── afs_acp
├── afs_logmanager
├── afs_querymanager
└── ...

A binary called antidot and located in /usr/local/afs7/bin can be used to apply the previous commands to all Antidot daemons.

From AFS v7.9.3, the following commands can also be used:

  • To launch all daemons at once:

    As root user

    systemctl start antidot.target

  • To restart all daemons at once if some daemons are still running:

    As root user

    systemctl restart antidot.target

  • To stop all daemons at once:

    As root user

    systemctl stop antidot.target

If any change was made on the daemon configuration, it is necessary to run the following command before restarting the daemon(s):

As root user

systemctl daemon-reload

If not, the following warning is issued when restarting the daemon(s):

Warning: $DAEMON_NAME changed on disk. Run 'systemctl daemon-reload' to reload units.